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Emberá Querá Indigenous Village

Emberá Querá Indigenous Village

The adventure leads through rural Panamanian villages on the banks of the river, where the Embera natives have lived for many years. A trip down the river in traditional wooden canoes hand-carved by the Embera begins a magical cultural encounter. When you arrive in the city, you will feel as if you have gone back in time, listening to the music and watching the dances of the ancient embera.

Before returning to civilization, the Embera will invite you to a traditional lunch of fresh fish and fried bananas. In the end, there will also be the opportunity to buy souvenirs of excellent craftsmanship.


Type of Tour:
Shared / Private
Price for Adults:
$ 165.00
Price for children:
$ 130.00
Transportation, Guide/Driver, Entrance, Fruits and Snacks