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¡Bienvenidos a Panamá! Positioned between North and South America, at the crossroads of the continent, with the ocean to our north and south, Panama truly is “the world’s bellybutton.” With its tropical weather and lush rainforests, Panama is brimming with biodiversity on its two coasts.


Transfer from Tocumen Intl. Airport to Panama City Hotel


1 Pax : $36.75

2 or more Pax: $24.15


1 Hour Approx.

Transfer Panama City Hotel to Tocumen Intl. Airport


1 Pax : $36.75

2 or more Pax: $24.15


1 Hour Approx.



The Panama Canal, known as the 8th Wonder of the World, is a 50-mile (80 kms) ship channel that joins the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is a key conduit for international maritime trade and one of the greatest works of engineering in history.

The Miraflores Locks are one of three sets of locks, which work as water lifts, raising and lowering ships from sea level up to the Gatun Lake water level. From the observatory center, you will be able to see the action, looking at the boats going through the locks according to the available schedule from the Panama Canal.

You will also enjoy a unique 45-minute film at the Canal IMAX theatre, narrated by Morgan Freeman, which presents the past, the present and future of one of the most magnificent projects of all times, The Panama Canal.

You will stop in an artisan market close to the Observatory center for souvenir shopping, then, you will also stop in front of the Administration building of the Panama Canal.

  • Private Round Trip Bus Transportation
  • English speaking Tour Guide
  • Entrance fee to Miraflores Visitor Center & IMAX Film
  • Bottle of water

Estimated time:3:30 hours

Price: $89.60


After a 45 minutes bus ride through the Rainforest we will arrive at the gorgeous Gamboa Rainforest Resort, located in the Soberania National Park. This area has been designed for you to do as much or as little as you like as you explore the many treasures of the Panamanian rainforest. Once there, we will experience nature in a whole different way.
A boat tour will take you through the Panama Canal into secret waterways to find islands where white-faced Capuchin and Howler monkeys can be seen leaping in the trees above. Occasionally, they become curious about visitors and venture down to take a closer look. The boat ride passes through the Gatun Lake of the Panama Canal, giving you the chance to see the different vessels during their transits through the Canal.

Afterwards, you will take the Aerial Tram through the rainforest and ascend approximately 280 feet from the shadowy forest floor, through the dense undergrowth and up to the sun drenched canopy with its thousand shades of green that are only interrupted by the vibrant colours of flowering trees.   Once at the top, you will have the opportunity to walk up our Observation Tower (also accessible for wheelchairs) from where you will have an uninterrupted view of the vast rainforest of the Soberania National Park while at the same time watch the vessels manoeuvre through the Galliard Cut (the narrowest part of the Panama Canal).

  • Round trip transportation
  • English speaking tour Guide
  • Activities Aerial Tram, Gatun Lake expedition and visit of the Sloths Sanctuary
  • Water bottle
  • Snack
  • Moist towels
  • Lunch with one alcoholic drink

Estimated time: 6 hours

Minimum of participants: 4

Price: $179.20


Our adventure begins with a trip on the river in «piragua», the traditional Embera hand-carved boats. Upon arrival at the village you will travel in time when they are immersed in the ancient traditional Embera dance and music that keep hundreds of years ago. Indigenous invite visitors to explore the area in abundant variety of birds and wildlife, showing the pristine landscape they inhabit.


The Embera women are known as one of the finest manufacturers of baskets and you can watch them create these beautiful objects made from palm fibers stained with dyes from nature. They will also have the opportunity to paint their bodies with ink made from natural fruit called Jagua, used by the Indians for decorations in your body besides for its health properties. Before returning to civilization, indigenous offer a traditional meal of fresh fish with banana and you will have the opportunity to buy some of his original artwork.

  • Round Transportation
  • Tour Guide
  • Activities at the Embera community
  • Bottled of water and soda
  • Traditional Embera lunch in the village
  • Moist Towels
  • Snacks

Estimated time: 6 hours

Min: 4 pax

Approximated time on canoe: 15 min.

Price: $184.80


  • All prices are reflected in US Dollars
  • Gratuities are not included
  • Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard are accepted.