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Half Day City Tour – SA


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Mirafl­ores Locks The Panama Canal, known as the 8th wonder of the world, is a 50 mile (80 kms.) ship channel that joins the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is a key conduit for international maritime trade – one of the greatest works of engineering in history. The Mirafl­ores Locks are one of three sets of locks, which work as water lifts, raising and lowering ships from sea level up to the Gatun Lake water level, a total of 85 ft. (26 mts.); the ships then sail the channel through the Continental Divide. There is a Visitor Center at Mirafl­ores, where will know four ­floors of exhibits which include historic pieces, interactive modules, video presentations and models of the Panama Canal. At the end, you will see the day-to-day operation of the locks from the Canal terraces.

Panama City and Casco Antiguo Furthermore you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand a visit to an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casco Antiguo. The tour concludes with a panoramic visit to the “Amador Causeway”, a group of three islands linked to the main land by the breakwaters of the Panama Canal. The U.S. Army used this area for the defense of the Panama Canal because of its strategic location. Today the Causeway has been transformed into a center of restaurants, bars, shopping areas.

Half Day City Tour – SA


Duration: 4-5 Hours Approx




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Total: 90